Dumb Hooters Office Slut Pt2

You are a manager at your office. A new girl was hired because she works at the local Hooters restaurant. Your boss likes her body you had no complaints so you guys hired her. She is terrible. You did all you could to train her for success, but she was very, very dumb. Everyone is smart at something, but this girl is really dumb.Today is her performance review. After questioning her about what she thinks her strengths are, she "admits" she is dumb and offers to suck your cock to keep her job. As she stripped down and goes to work on you dick, she keeps telling you how dumb and stupid she is. It really turns you on for this moron to demean herself while bobbing her head on your meat. -  (Video) 

DaisyHaze - Dumb Hooters Office Slut Pt2

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