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We can all relate to this scenario and I know you wanted to be rebels like this at some point in your lives. Most of the chicks and dudes I know have gone through this or are still doing this kind of a pastime and some even have more people involved but that’s a different story. Watch My GF shares with you this video of a horny amateur slut who simply likes to get sleazy with her friends every chance she gets and top it off with the fact that she always wanted to get fucked in her hot cunt on her fuck buddies’ beds, never hers. She says she finds that more fun and exciting and so it shows in this sizzling video. Also, she’s like to be getting all the humping doggiestyle more than anything else. Boy, this slutty one will surely drill a hole in my boxers now. She’s one of ‘em wild babes we wish to have every time we are in dire need of some quick fucking fix. This amateur hot fuck has been watching all the videos here in and got really pumped when she knew she’s got a chance of making a video herself with one of her fuck buddies who agreed to get one of their hot collections posted. So now here’s their hot video fucking on the top bulk of this dude’s dormitory double deck bed. Like I said, this chick wanted to get it from behind and that’s what you’ll get to watch. View the full video here, relax, and enjoy the fucking hot show.

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I’d honestly like to think that I died and went to heaven when I saw these pictures being passed around here at our Watch My GF hub coz these two amateur naughty chicks just made everyone want to have a go with the full set for an entire night. Ok… that said, this flaming hot duo is our official entry for today so everybody can benefit from the hotness and not just the perverted few (myself included. Ha!). So anyway, here we are once again, bringing you another handful of pictures with sleazy sexy amateur chicks in ‘em, which will turn your bedroom into a stinking cum house. Remember the feeling of excitement when amateur honeys tease us with their fucking charming sexiness even without taking a single clothing off? Yeah, sucks big time but this particular photo gallery won’t let you down especially if you’re dick is already as hard as an Oscars trophy. Something that hard will definitely stay stiff and standing for hours to an eternity. Oh, and did I tell you another fun part about this post? These amateur hotties are lesbians, hardcore lovers in the making. Rawr. So the not getting all naked in their pictures are now history, eh? Just let them tease us for the meantime with these hot sexy pictures and let ‘em do the rest and eventually show their tits, pussy, and some juicy ass when they get back to clicking on during their free time. Check back every chance you get so you wouldn’t miss any of ‘em.

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Another batch of hot amateur selfshooting babes for all our Obsessed with Myself fans. We compiled these pictures for the hope that each and every kinky GF right here will do their part in pleasing you in every little way they can. Let’s see… all I can say about this set is it’s downright burnin’ and all the sexy hotties we chose for today are really worth every bit of your time. has always been filled with visitors from all over the world and even if this is made entirely (well, ok, almost) of amateur bitchy babes who love to take photos of themselves with or without clothes on, we still find a lot of these sexy kittens who wanted to do more than that. Well, not really too different from camwhoring, the only difference I think is that they don’t hold the cameras themselves and they get someone to take the photos for them for the purpose of doing “more” using their two hands. But today I picked a handful of these amateur chicks to let them show their skills in camwhoring while they make us hard and drool over their sexy bodies, nice perky breasts, shaven cunt, tight round ass, and some even go all the way and show everything and yeah, they become instant stars in a bunch of semi-conservative selfshooting bitches alright. These are amateur goodness that you shouldn’t dare miss out on so check this photo gallery now and enjoy our freshest picks for the day.

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Hot Obsessed with Myself edition for all of us once again. Today we’ll be showing you this steamy video of an amateur brunette chick that will surely make you horny for hours especially when you get to read about the story behind it. It’s a simple one really, more like a simple reason as to why this sexy sleazy brunette made such flamin’ hot video for all her fans. No, she ain’t a celebrity and she wanted to stress out a fact that she likes calling her EX-boyfriends, lovers, sugar daddies her “fans” coz she wanted to prove something. What’s this shit, you ask? Well, noticed that we emphasized EXes? Its because this amateur slut wanted to shoutout to all those poor bastards what they’re missing now (eversince they left her). See, she pretended to be this uptight Catholic GF and didn’t let those men get to second base on their second AND third dates, it was like her crazy experiment, checking who will leave her first coz they might think she’s boring and wouldn’t want to get laid soon enough. Now she’s laughing her way to, sharing this super hot video of herself, who went all the way, playing with her nice twat, masturbating on her bed while showing off her sexy naked body. I bet those guys are going ape shit now that they just made the biggest mistake of their lives letting her go. Ha! This horny wild amateur babe has a lot to show you and is itchin’ to tease you so you better watch her full video now and pray that you get to meet her soon enough to mend that broken heart and fuck thosebreasts and moist cunt. Yum.