Spy Cameras in Dorms

College can be such a freaking blast! And I’m not just talking about parting like there’s no tomorrow. Well here’s one great way of getting the most out of dorm life – secretly filming it. It only takes setting a couple of hidden cameras in right places and you get to enjoy all them hot college girls taking shower, changing clothes, goofing around naked and hooking up with the guys. And yeah, try not to get caught!

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Sexy Story from a good friend

My muse deserves to climax

I was at the point of gushing, my fingers dancing rhythmically deep inside, lubricated in my wet heated urgency. You had slowly increased your pace, riding smoothly in and out of my mouth, my lips pulling tight along your shaft, and then you sliding back, smoothly along my tongue. I curled the tip, caressing the ridge of the head each time it passed. You released the pull of my hair, allowing me to finally move my head, your slight trembles directing me you wanted to come.

You were so hard and stretched, and you had teased me for so long, I knew if I tried I could make you come more than once. Reaching around I grabbed your arse, the muscles tight and strained, working hard to keep your rocking thrusts so steady. Holding you firmly, I took you all out of my mouth and began licking up and down your shaft, you stopped moving, ready to let me devour you, and send you into waves of ecstasy. I moved quickly, your cock glistening from my saliva and straining with your need. Dribbling from of the eye, your pre come tantalized me. Oh god, the memory of how you taste, and the smell of your sweat was driving and fueling my frantic desire. I swirled my tongue around, catching the drip, finally feeding from you and then slowly lowered my mouth right down around your penis.

“Oh, Yeah, that’s it,” You moaned as I took your whole length, my tongue massaging the underside of your shaft as I imprisoned your cock in my mouth. Pushing it down, even deeper, feeling the muscles in my throat working around you, I knew this would get you to the point of orgasm, my pussy throbbing and aching in anticipation.

Yours hands were stoking my hair, now pushing ever so lightly on my head, just tenderly guiding me around your cock. Your change of touch, telling me I really had pleased you, my juices dripping down my thighs telling me just how much that turns me on. Holding your balls and firmly squeezing them with one hand, I had to fill myself with the other. I was going to explode, and I wanted you to explode all over me. I wanted to feel your hot come on my burning flesh. I forcefully pulled you out and began stocking and pumping your straining cock with my hand, and I took one of your balls into my mouth, gently sucking and licking it, getting lost in the feel of the texture on my tongue.

Oh my god I was finally orgasming, I released you from my mouth. My fingering.furiously making wet sloppy sounds. I quickly caught my breath and pulled out my fingers, they were covered in my delight. Sitting back, I couldn’t help but smile, and wiped my thick wetness onto the head of your cock, making sure I traced it around with my finger. I knew you’d be transfixed, watching me. I clasped my hand around and pumped your cock again as I bent down and licked my sticky come off the top. You let out a low moan as I presented it on the tip of my tongue. I moved up towards your face, listening to your heavy, deep short breaths. You hungrily found my lips, and I pushed my tongue deep into your mouth. I started to pump you harder and faster, our lips now welded together, sealed into a moment of sizzling sexiness. I slowly withdrew my tongue, my creamy need sliding off and into your mouth.

Your whole body stiffened, and your orgasm started. I bent down and pulled off the blindfold. I had to watch your throbbing erection erupt, your first shot hitting my face, sliding down leaving a sticky warm trail, the second landed across my breast and I rubbed your warmth all over my chest. I had to taste you, and as I opened my mouth, a sticky wad landed right on my lips, dripping down to my chin. I now knew I had pleased you a lot. I cloaked you again into my mouth, hearing you let out another deep primal groan. I slowly pulled up your shaft with my hand, squeezing out every last drop of your come. You finally finished ejaculating, and I pulled my head off your cock, your come leaking from my lips, down my chin and following the line of my throat. I looked up and I finally got to look into your eyes.

>> Written By Alix Cameron @romancingalix

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