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Incredible Ways Sex Cam Enhance Stamina

Many people might not be aware of the fact that many guys have a problem with the one important aspect of sexual activity called the stamina. You might be enjoying a decent love life. However, you might wish to have it better. People might not be ready to disclose it readily, but might feel it every now and then. If you are suffering from such a problem, here is a surprise trick. Flirt with webcam model for improving your performance and stamina. 

Webcams and Adult Toys

You might already know that using adult toys for sexual activity in the bedroom will help with long-lasting action. However, what you might not know is that online sex shows can augment satisfaction. Yes, you have read it right. Using sex toys during a best amateur webcam show can help you a lot. You might be thinking about how it can help with your endurance in the bedroom. There is no better way than to indulge the actual time and spend some time to improve your performance. Moreover, sex is stimulated closely online when you watch cam models as it makes you feel incredible. You should definitely try this out to see the result.

Cybersex and Foreplay

Another good way is to take time to control the pace of sex prior to indulging in any kind of physical activity will help in improving performance. With foreplay, you will get more intimate with your sexual partner. This, in turn, will enhance the feeling of pleasure that you draw from the act and improve your stamina. Similarly, cybersex can also boil down to that type of buildup. When you take part in live cam shows, you anticipate a lot during the entire experience. Generally, this comes from the dirty talks that you indulge in with the webcam model. If you try out some flirty lines to make your partners horny and high will help in setting the mood. Thus, it can get you to improve your stamina. 

Gain Actual Experience

Being intimate with girls by indulging in some sexual practice is one of the best ways that you can build up your stamina. However, it isn’t replicated frequently, particularly if you are unable to last for over thirty seconds while you have sex. As a matter of fact, it might have a negative effect on your confidence and can push you to a worse state than where it actually started. Nonetheless, adult cams are one of the best ways to resolve the problem and boost your morale during the process. 

Try to have a one-on-one experience with beautiful and sexy women who would like to fulfill every desire you have. If you do this, you will be able to enjoy, 

  • Improved sex tolerance.
  • Boost confidence.
  • Gives you an orgasm, which feels great.

Since it is not possible to have sex with any girl at whim, it will limit your ability to have vital experience. One of the greatest benefit provided by adult cams is available everywhere.

Why Cam Sites Make For the Best Amateurs

We know that a lot of you really, really love amateur porn. We do too. There is something quite ‘thrilling’ about watching somebody who is seemingly inexperienced doing the nasty for you. It has a quaint charm to it. If you want the best amateur porn, though, then you are going to need to look into sex cams. Nothing better than a good live stream, and here is why.


When you view live sex cams, you get to interact with the person on camera. If you are willing to give them money, then they are willing to do whatever you want them to do. This could be anything from a titty flash to a bit of bating. It is completely your choice.

You do not get this if you are watching your bog-standard videos on your favorite porn tube site. Seen the video once? Sure, it may be hot the next couple of times that you watch it, but it is not going to change what happens. If you view a cam girl multiple days in a row, she is always going to be putting on a completely different show. It is wonderful.

It is easier to do a cam show than film porn

Anybody with a webcam and a microphone can start up their own cam show. There ain’t no jumping through hoops to do it. If you want to release a porn video on a porn tube site, then you need to jump through hoops. Even those POV shows have a little bit of production behind them. It takes hours.

This, often, means that there are going to be people on cam porn sites that you won’t find anywhere else online. They just can’t be bothered (or have no will) to do any other type of porn.

The Performers Earn Money

We think this is one of the main reasons why you should watch amateurs performing on webcam as opposed to porn tube sites. Most people don’t know this, but it is rare for those who upload their videos to porn tube sites to get money from it. This means they are getting nothing back, despite doing something really fucking hot. With cam porn sites, these girls (and guys) are getting something for sharing their goods with the world. Of course, it only works if you are willing to give them some cash for it!

Best Adult Profitable Business in 2019

Many turnkey businesses have best-by dates. Over a period of time, they lose their sheen and pallor. However, a vast majority of strategically driven adult turnkey businesses are first class exceptions. This realization comes from a simple acknowledgement – Adult entertainment industry is valued at $100 billion. This industry has blown up in the past few years.

The internet is brimming with different types of adult websites – live sex camming, tube sites, subscription sites, directories, forums, aggregator sites, image sharing and pinning sites, etc. Several discussion forums are replete with platitudes and questions like how to start a porn business. At the very outset, I would like to tell you that not every adult turnkey business is profitable. Many webmasters fail to see the big picture.

Let’s tally the things webmasters keep losing. They launch generic porn sites and fail to muster relevant and targeted traffic. As a result, they are bombarded with losses. A few of them quit. Others keep working and hustling. They keep pushing. Eventually, they give up. Because their business plan doesn’t have a strategy.

Let me explain.

There’s no point in launching a generic porn site. It’s wise to launch niche-oriented porn tube sites. If a particular niche is super competitive, it’s worth abandoning. If a niche has good potential, great keyword search volume and is under-served, it’s okay to give the whole of yourself to that niche.

Do not hire faux freelance programmers. There’s no merit in assigning monetary value to API developers, web designers and software testers. Writing several thousands of lines of code to incorporate payment gateways, analytics module, coupon code generator, video embedder and coder module, scalable architecture, mobile and web responsive design, etc., is Sisyphean.  Instead, use a turnkey software that lets you micromanage every aspect of your adult turnkey business.

Let’s not ignore the world of live cams. No doubt, porn tube sites have cinematic porn content. But live camming sites allow users to interact with beautiful and sexy women. There is no touching and caressing. But, the experiences are real.

It makes business sense to start your own adult webcam business. Search the cleanliest and filthiest corners of the world. You will find depressed, lonely and desperate people everywhere. According to the New York Times, this industry was estimated to bring $1 billion USD in annual revenue. That was in 2013. We are in 2019. Common sense dictates that this industry can comfortably generate more than $1 billion USD.

Just visit the top 10 biggest live camming sites. There are more than 25000 models online. Live camming content is consumed 24/7.

Let’s crunch some numbers. Top cam sites have token-based performances. The value of 500 tokens is usually priced at $100 USD. It’s easy for models to earn $200 USD every day. Top performers of reputed sites like LiveJasmin, MyFreeCams, Chaturbate, Cam4, etc., earn more than $15000 USD every month. Median monthly earnings of cam models are an estimated $7000 USD.

There are thousands of models. It’s easy to compound the earnings. This brings us to one conclusion- the earnings are huge. More importantly, the potential is huge.

To start your own adult webcam business, use an adult webcam script. A feature-rich adult webcam script gives your audience multiple privileges like viewing the shows in full screen, private messaging, performer-based pricing, seeing multiple screens at a time, voyeur shows, etc. Models enjoy privileges like banning annoying users and perverts, setting their respective token goals, updating their profile, schedule management, etc.

Traditional porn sites are great, but they do not offer something that viewers love – conversation. This has resulted in the emergence of phone sex business. Of course, live camming sites offer interaction. But in the camp of amateur live camming industry, there’s a lot of hardcore stuff. Many models aren’t interested in showing their face. All such models can work as phone sex operators.

A phone sex operator should have great conversational skills. A mellifluous voice is a bonus. Many people have weird fetishes – like engaging in sex chat with step-sister, having arousing conversations with aunt, etc. Phone sex operators can cater to such fetishes. Anonymity of the operator and service seeker is assured.

To launch your own phone sex business, it’s recommended to use a phone sex software. More often than not, cam girls require a well-lit room, high speed internet and accessories like HD webcam and sex toys to perform in front of a camera. Phone sex operators can work from anywhere – home, office, hotel, etc. They just need to possess a smartphone. Cutting-edge phone sex software scripts facilitate in-app sessions.

In conclusion, adult live camming, phone sex and adult tube site businesses can be run profitably by using affordable turnkey software scripts.

Adult entertainment industry is dense. It’s crowded. But its potential is not exhausted. It’s not saturated yet. Truth be told, there’s no tipping point.  Make the leap. Be strategic. Do not let short-term thoughts and baseless fear stop you from designing the lucrative long-term career that’s yours. Cheers!

Pros and Cons of Sex While Being High on Weed


Increased Desire

A 1984 study cited by Psychology Daily found users to have an increased libido after smoking marijuana. While the study may be outdated, users still claim to have increased sexual desires when under the influence of the flower. This is due to an endless possibility of variables that still need to be scientifically proven, but delving into claim after claim, we believe using marijuana pre-foreplay does make you more aroused.

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Increased Sensitivity

When it comes to marijuana, the topic of heightened senses is one of the most addressed. Users frequently claim that sex feels better when they’re high. This study shows that users feel more relaxed, euphoric and emotional—all good things in the bedroom. If you think about sex in terms of a massage, you’re more likely to enjoy and benefit from it if you are completely relaxed. If you’re tense, the likelihood of it feeling good is slim to none.

There’s even a cannabis infused lubricant called Foria that claims to make sex more pleasurable for women in the form of extremely long and intense orgasms. Their testimonials seem to back up the hype too, having users discuss their unbelievable experiences, but this first-hand experience really drives the message home.

Time Slows Down

In the same study cited above, the cannabis users claimed that their perception of time was stretched. This is good news for both parties involved! If sex doesn’t last as long as you’d hope, it’ll probably feel like it’s minutes (if not hours) longer. While that not may sound like much, it could make all the difference.

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Intense Orgasms

Directly related to both increased sensitivity and the perception of time, intense orgasms are often related to consuming some herb pre-coitus. In an interview with NYM8ag, a user under the pseudonym Elizabeth claimed that “orgasms seem to last for 30 seconds and are incredibly intense. The best orgasms I’ve ever had have been while stoned, whether with another person or solo.” Really, that speaks for itself.

Read The Rest Of The Article Here

Tumblr Refugees How To Navigate The Adult World Of Twitter

So now you have been forced from Tumblr and now looking for a new home and settled on twitter, now you’re saying what the “F”, what do I do now?

Some things to know about Twitter.

Retweets – Are like “reblogs” from Tumblr, the more your post gets retweeted, the more exposure it has. People like their tweets retweeted just as much as you do. On Twitter, retweets are like showing appreciation for someone else’s post or tweet. Feel free to retweet what you like, people often don’t like people’s account that just post themselves, they like to see what you like and what you follow. 

Retweets are kind of weird as well. Some account do not like when you “retweet with a quote”, because the original tweet doesnt get retweeted, you in a sense make a new post adding their post and combine it with your post. For the most part, just Retweet and then comment on the tweet to show better appreciation, or you want to say something. 

Following accounts – Follow all the accounts you want but just be careful when you first start because if you follow too many too fast Twitter can suspend your account, thinking you are a bot.

Accounts With Nudity – Just be prepared to get a lot of dick pics, they come fast and furiously on Twitter. Also expect a lot of weird comment from non sensitive people. Also, nudity is not allowed in your header or on your AVI, otherwise twitter will suspend you for it and possibly not “unsuspend” you if you fix it, then you will have to start all over again.

Threads – When someone posts a tweet, then gets a lot of response with other posts under it, it’s called a thread. You can do this with replies, or reply with another full post under the original post, or even within a comment post as well. Threads get a lot of attention, because when someone clicks on any of the posts within the thread, they then see the whole thread and can scroll through all the comments and posts within the thread. If you have notifications on, you may want to silence them.

I will be updating this as we go and think of other stuff to put here. If you have any more questions, DM me on Twitter or just ask. My email is at the top of the blog as well.

Halloween Party (Story – Cuckold)

I plan to attend an annual Halloween party but when I am
forced into changing my costume at the last moment it
leads to a case of mistaken identity.

October 31st rolled around and it was time for Hanna’s annual Halloween party. Hanna was a wealthy, 55 year old widow. She liked company and invited everyone at the plant to her ‘mansion’ for the party.

The enjoyment was twofold. Firstly, people dressed up and competed for costume prizes. Hanna awarded $100 to up to five people if she couldn’t identify you with your costume on. This was hard because Hanna knew everyone there! There were also prizes for sexiest costume, most original costume and other prizes.

Secondly, It was an adult party. You could dance and drink the night away without anyone knowing who you were. I planned to go as Uncle Sam. Complete with glue on beard and mustache. I was going to go to Randy’s house and drive him to the party. I brought my costume to Randy’s house where we would dress together.

When I arrived I nearly had a stroke after his gorgeous wife Tammy answered the door. Tammy had her 5’3″ frame, complete with her D cup breasts, into a sexy, low cut, French maids uniform. I tried to pry my eyes away from her cavernous cleavage.

“I-Is Randy ready?” I muttered.

“Not yet, come in.” Tammy purred. My cock jumped in my jeans as I surveyed Tammy’s luscious curves. “Like my costume?” she asked.

“Wow! It looks great,” I said.

“I have to leave. Could you do me a favor dear and zip me up all the way?” she asked.

“S-Sure!” I said as she turned around and pulled back her beautiful red mane of hair that looked just like Nicole Kidman’s. I grabbed the zipper and sent it up as I had a great rear view of her huge tits.

Tammy grabbed her coat and keys and left for the party. Randy then descended the stairs. “Is she gone?” he asked.

“Yeah. Why?” I queried.

He laughed maniacally. “For the past two years I have worn the same Spiderman costume and everyone expects that. This year I bought a secret costume and left it at my brother’s house. That’s the one I am going to wear.” Randy finished.

I interrogated further, “What is it?” Randy laughed, “I told you it is a secret but I will be a sure bet to win a prize. Hanna won’t have a clue who I am. I have to go to my brother’s house,” Randy informed me. “You can stay here and get dressed. My brother lives on the other side of town so I won’t arrive at the party for a while. I gotta go. So long!” Randy shouted as he slammed the door and left me alone in his house to get dressed.

I went to the bathroom, I prepared my Uncle Sam costume then remembered I forgot my mustache and beard glue at home. “Oh shit!” I yelled. Then I remembered the Spiderman costume. Randy and I were both 5’11” and we both weighed around 175 pounds. If it fit him it must fit me and he didn’t need the costume.

I put my costume away and put on Spiderman suit, it fit perfectly. Everyone knew about my Uncle Sam costume and no one expected this. Within seconds I was off to the party.

I arrived and was greeted by a few fellows who offered me some hard drinks to loosen up. Thank god my mouth hole was open and I didn’t have to remove my mask to drink them. The friendly fellows were probably some of Randy’s friends that thought I was him.

I spotted Tammy dancing on the floor with some people. Tammy had a nice body and knew how to move it. Again my cock visibly rose inside my costume as I watched her boobs bounce as she moved. I thought I was a heel for looking at my best friend’s wife but everyone looked at Tammy’s body. I turned to face a friend when I felt a pair of arms hug me from behind and some fleshy, hot breasts on my back. I knew immediately it was Tammy.

I turned to tell her who I was and she grabbed my head and put her tongue in my mouth before I could speak. I smelled and tasted alcohol on her breath as this hot redhead French kissed me. She then whispered in my ear, “Come to the changing room now! It’s empty!”

Tammy staggered towards the room. She was drunk! The changing room was where people who came with costumes in tow could change into them. I was a little tipsy myself but followed her while mentally questioning my next move. Did she know it was me? What if she thought I was Randy? I entered the changing room which had a couch, a mirror and a couple of wooden chairs.

As we entered the room, Tammy turned out the lights and locked the door behind us. I could only see the outline of Tammy but her outline was unmistakable! She threw her hands around me and again kissed me deeply. This time I responded with my tongue down her throat as I hugged her tightly.

Tammy temporarily pulled away. “Oh god Randy! I have been drinking and dancing and I am so fucking hot for cock right now. I want to suck your cock and let you fuck me,” Tammy purred softly.

Before I could think Tammy had pulled my Spidey tights to my ankles exposing my bowing erection. With over 50 guests only feet away, Tammy took to her knees and began licking my cock head. I did my best to remain silent while Tammy took my entire cock into her mouth. I put my right hand on the back of her head. Tammy received the message and took it even deeper.

For about three minutes she slowly worked my cock like no other woman had. Tammy engulfed every inch while working my head with her magnificent tongue. It took all the control I had not to fire my wad down her throat then and there. Tammy released her grip and stood up. I took the opportunity to grab a handful of tit. This thin woman had the largest real breasts I had ever felt.

“Take me superhero,” Tammy breathed as she turned around and bent over the couch.

I gasped when I saw that under the French maid costume she wasn’t wearing any underwear! I grabbed my shaft and put my cock in her juicy pussy. I thrust slowly as Tammy’s wet pussy willingly took every inch of my cock.

“Oh god! Give it to me baby,” Tammy said quietly.

I couldn’t believe it. I was in the changing room at a party fucking my best friends incredibly hot wife and she was begging for more. I grabbed her shoulders and gave it to her harder as she let out a few moans. I reached under her and grabbed two hands full of juicy tit flesh. Her knockers were so large that they even overflowed my large hands.

Tammy was breathing heavily and bucking my long cock. Tammy was hot and ready to cum. I pounded her harder and held off my orgasm for as long as possible. “Oh shit! Randy I’m going to cum!!” she yelled.

I held on as she moaned loudly and had an orgasm on my thick cock. I couldn’t stand anymore. I grabbed her tits and pulled her back tight to my chest. With a soft groan I emptied my nuts into Randy’s wife. I gave a few final thrusts and fell back exhausted.

I tried to leave but Tammy grabbed me and kissed me deeply again. We dressed ourselves and Tammy grabbed my hand. “C’mon. It’s time for the judging of costumes.”

I tried to slip away again but she held my hand and we exited the room together. Tammy laid her head on my chest as the entire room paid attention to the hostess, Hanna who had a microphone. She awarded prizes as the room applauded.

“Now my two favorite prizes.” Hanna declared. “The sexiest costume goes to Tammy.” Tammy told me to ‘stay put’ as she went to get the award.

“Finally,” Hanna bellowed, “The best costume goes to the Frankenstein.” A man with elaborate makeup swaggered up to the stage and took the award. “Who are you?” Hanna demanded.

He grabbed the microphone, “It’s me, Randy,” he said as he kissed his awestruck wife standing next to him. Tammy stood there slack jawed as I walked to my car and sped to Randy’s house and put his Spiderman costume back on the hanger in their bathroom.

The next day I saw the costume in their garbage pail. To this day Tammy still wonders who gave her a magical Halloween to remember.


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